Does Targeted Drug Delivery Boosts Antibiotic Power?

  The benefits of the targeted delivery system include a reduction in the frequency of the patient's dosages, a more uniform action of the medicine, a reduction in drug side effects, and less variability in circulating drug levels. Previously, medical researchers attempted to combat antibiotic-resistant germs by inventing new antibiotics. This strategy is costly and can take decades to complete. Wu is adopting a unique approach. He is delivering antibiotics directly to the germs via a tailored approach, allowing them to have a larger impact on the infection. By using a targeted delivery system, we can actually reduce the antibiotic dose while still effectively killing the pathogen . A scientist created molecular ligand structures on the outside of antibiotic particles that bind with weak ligand pairs on the bacteria cell membrane to enhance targeted distribution. When an antibiotic particle comes into contact with a bacteria cell, the antibiotic particle adheres to the cell i